Favorite Things: April 15, 2016

Hello friends and welcome back for our second edition of Favorite Things! 

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#1: Dry Shampoo

I remember in high school when I would shower and fix my hair at least once a day (sometimes twice). Now I can go days. Don't judge, 87% of you do too (that's a made up statistic by the way).  If you relate, then dry shampoo is about to be your hero. I'm a product cheapie, so I typically grab whichever is cheapest at the store. However, if you have dark hair, I've heard its a bit trickier for you (because it can look like you've poured baby powder in your hair).

Some tips for first time users: 

  • Spray the roots of your hair before bed if you know you won't get to shower the next day. Don't brush out or fluff. 
  • In the morning spray again and leave alone until it's time to style. Then rub it in (if it shows at all) and brush your hair. You should be good to go and ready to style however you'd like. 
  • Even if you hair isn't dirty but you are doing a messy bun, this is great to add more texture. 

The one I use most is TRESsemme but I'd love to hear your suggestions:


#2: Church Project (if you don't live in North Houston, subscribe to the podcast immediately)

Just incase you don't read this whole section I wanted to encourage you to listen to this past weeks's sermon-- it was the best I've ever heard >> Go watch or listen to it right now: click here

If you follow me on Instagram (and please, let's be friends there) you know I'm a tad obsessed with this church community. 

I love so many things about this church so it's hard to narrow it down to just a few, but I will for you as long as you are aware this isn't a thorough list. Deal?  

  • The worship is honest. I remember going to Passion conferences and being overwhelmed by the unhindered way college students worship, I have the same experience when I go to the prisons. When people are desperate for God, not the acceptance of others, they just fully sing praise to God. Church Project worship is my favorite.
  • The people are diverse and genuine. Diversity is hard to find in a church, we tend to all divide up into a our comfortable camps-- denominations or classes. I love that I see young and old, every ethnicity and cultural, and a range of economic class. It's beautiful. No one pretends to have it all together at Church Project, hence the name project. 
  • House Church is the best. In our generation of technology and all things social media it is hard to be known, even in the church... especially in the church. House Church is our weekly gathering of people that live near each other. We eat yummy treats, our kids play (and sometimes fight) together, we discuss the Bible passage we studied on Sunday, we pray for each other, we are vulnerable and share the hard, and cheer one another on in the good. 
  • Church Project gives 50% away. Yes, half. They had me at hello once I heard this. Not just the money (yes, half of the budget is given away) but the time. We aren't a busy church with a lot of things to do or places to serve. They say if you want to connect with others, then find one of the ministries, local or foreign, that we partner with and go serve together. Don't you love that???!!!
  • The preaching is insane, in the best possible way. I feel like I've been spoiled rotten with the caliber of teachers I have been able to sit under, and my Pastor, Jason Shepperd, is at the top of that list. He holds nothing back, preaches with love, and stays right with the Word of God. Chris and I can't take notes fast enough and often re-listen to it during the week. We just started a 2 years series going through the book of Mark and it is changing me, changing our family. 

If you live in North Houston and you are looking for a church home, then you are coming with us this week and there's no discussing things. Like I said, if you don't live in Houston, subscribe to the podcast right now


#3: Word Swag App

I am not even close to being a graphic designer. I want things to look pretty but I just can't create those things, at least not quickly. My friend, Kat Armstrong, introduced me to Word Swag and it has been a life saver for Sacred Holidays, and I've had fun with it too!