Favorite Things: April 29, 2016

Hello friend! If you ever have recommendations of products or things or people to recommend, send them my way. Or if you are a business and have something you think I should share with my people, then contact me (note: I will only recommend awesome things and will hope you give my people something free or a discount.)

Let's get started!

#1: The Voice, specifically when Shalyah Fearing sang "Listen"

First, watching the voice is a family favorite in our house, especially for me and the girls. The singers this year are unreal. A family favorite has been Shalyah Fearing. Y'all she is SIXTEEN. She is beyond adorable, gives God glory as often as she can, and girl can SING. 

Second, I don't know what it is about the "Listen" song from Dream Girls that Beyonce wrote, but it always speaks to me. I have no real reason for it to, but it is so my jam. So listen (ha, see what I did there) and belt it at the top of your lungs too. 


#2: Baby Supply + Furniture Rentals for Vacations

We are about to head out for a beach vacation for 8 days with our girls and, y'all, that is A LOT of crap to take with us. I know minimalist would say we don't need it. They are right. Plenty of people all over the world don't have these things. However, I would prefer to not have Chandler in our lap for every single meal. And Miss Wiggly Worm would share the same sentiment. I know some co-sleep, but I just can't do it. 

We heard about Baby's Away and are SO excited to have all our things delivered to where we are staying. There prices are reasonable and we don't have to lug a pack-n-play and a high chair (like we would do that) with us. 

For giggles, please take a moment and just picture our family of five walking into the airport with 3 giant carseats, 2 large suitcases (one of us and one for the girls), the girls rolling carrying ons (they insist and it's too cute), and a diaper bag. I'm sure we will get looks and several, "Well you sure have your hands full" (chuckle, chuckle). It's funny because I never feel like we are a big crowd, but maybe I have a lot of friends that have 4, 5 or more kiddos. 

(Note: If we don't like Baby's Away for any reason, I'll leave an update review here by May 15.)


#3: Mother's Day Out + End of Year Show

I've never done Mother's Day Out before. I've tried it a few times but never stuck with it. I have a whole post brewing about this. But let me just go on the record that choosing to enroll the girls this year has been awesome for them and for us. They LOVE it. Their teachers are off the charts amazing. 

They just had their end of year program and it was the cutest thing you have ever seen. 

(Apologies for the shaking, I was laughing so hard over the cuteness. And the lighting was so wonky on my phone, so sorry for the coloring on things.)

Here is Karis (she is the curly haired girl on the top right) singing Free as a Bee by Hillsong Kids

Here is Moriah  (she is the top right grey dress with teal headband, non stop smile ) singing Jesus Loves Me: