Favorite Things: June 10, 2016


I HATE to meal plan. HATE it. I used to think I hated cooking but I've realized it was just spill over from meal planning. I actually really like cooking. I know nothing about meal prep. I don't even know how to boil an egg. I actually have to google it every single time (please tell me you are laughing with me). 

When we are home we also really try to eat as clean/healthy/paleo-ish as possible (when we are out we have not prob splurging on gluten invested and sugar coated anything). However, the many tips and tricks and all that when it comes to paleo-ish, is a lot of information and I have very little browsing time and get overwhelmed when there is SO much information to meander. I've tried several other meal plan groups and didn't love their healthier meal plan options. So I kept getting stuck in this cycle of lazy meal planning. 

Y'all I am LOVING Prep Dish.

I love the meals.

I love the simplicity.

I love that I'm cooking with foods I didn't even know were still in existence. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I thought buffalo were extinct. Wow. There were other foods I wouldn't usually grab that I learned I LOVE-- like jicama and arugula. So yum. So easy. 

What makes it different than the other meal plan options? They plan 4 meals, 1 breakfast, 1 snack and 1 dessert (you can choose gluten free or paleo). They give you the grocery list. Then you block off 2 hours to prep for the whole week. The two hours seems like a lot at first, but it was fun and saved lots of time during the days. I turned on music and listened to podcast while my kids played around me. And now, I've had to do very little to get dinner ready each day. LOVE IT! And it's super yummy! Score!

Y'all! Guess what?!!! They are giving all my readers TWO FREE WEEKS!!! I'm SOOOOO excited for y'all. Go to this unique Prep Dish link to get your free two weeks now or be sure to use TOPTHINGS promo code when you add it to your cart!

#2: Bitmojis

I love emojis. I learned in communication classes in college that nonverbal communication is about 90% (or more) of communication. This statistic is dooming for our society that is glued to our screens and rarely communicate face-to-face. So I loved the introduction of emojis to help express what you are trying to say. 

But have you tried Bitmojis? Oh my goodness. You will laugh SO HARD just making it. Then you will have entire conversations with them. If you haven't already, take an hour and be super unproductive and create your Bitmoji

#3: Stepping Up (Psalms of Ascent) Bible Study by Beth Moore

I love studying the Bible-- reading it freely or learning from someone else as I study something in a Bible study. Strolling the aisles of studies at Lifeway is one of my favorite things to do. As much as I'm digging the new style of Bible studies that are offered today, there is a richness that Beth Moore brings that is unparalleled. I'm so grateful for her influence in so many of our lives. I became a Christian my junior year in high school and a year later I did her Breaking Free study for the first time and it rocked my world. Before I knew she was "Beth Moore, world renowned Bible teacher, best selling writer, and women's ministry revolutionary," she was just my Sunday school teacher. I couldn't soak up what came out of her mouth. I poured over the cassette tapes they'd hand out at the back of class for us if we missed a week (that's what we did before podcasts). Anyway, I say all this to say, I respect how she writes and this study was revolutionary for me as a follower of Christ AND as a someone who is writing and compiling Bible studies and longs to have more Bible studies published, both through Sacred Holidays and independently. 

This study was refreshingly raw and so centered around His Word. Oh, I can't recommend it enough. I've never studied the Psalms before, I'm not really sure why and now I can't wait to spend my summary continuing through the rest of the Psalms. What a sweet Father we have that shows us we can freely be who we are and feel all we feel and think all we think before Him and that doesn't change who He is, not one bit.