Favorite Things: June 24, 2016

#1: "Can't Stop The Feeling" by Justin Timberlake

Our family probably logs at least 2 hours of dance parties each day. That's a minimum. This is the song of the summer for our family. I'm sure you've already heard it and had your own dance party or ten to it. Either way, press play and dance away!

#2: Gilmore Girls

I'm not sure where I was in the early 2000s but I wasn't watching Gilmore Girls and that was a mistake. Thankfully many of come to my rescue. It has been my late work night companion. Also, it has made me really, really excited about being a teenage mom one day. I'm sure it will be just like that. (Wink.)

#3: The Prophets

I am starting to read through the prophets in chronological order, and this week has been all about Amos. I have zero recollection of every reading Amos. Probably because the only time I have is when I was doing a read through the Bible plan and I was pretty zoned out by then. This time is different and I'm loving learning how God spoke to people back then and how they chose to share that with others. His message and ways are as true then as they are today. 

#4: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

There are about one billion options to helping your kiddos learn how to read. I had done some research and found this one and we've been loving it. It's like teach your kid to read for dummies. There is literally a script for you. Everything you need is in this one book. This is for the mom is who overwhelmed by Pinterest or the unending options to rummage through. I'd print of a 100 counting chart to let your little one cross off as you go. Also, let them peek ahead to future lessons to see what is coming up (Karis gets giddy when she sees where she could be if she keeps working hard. Each lesson lasts about 10-15 minutes. You can purchase it here