Top Tips for Making Your Dream a Reality

Are you considering starting a new business? Maybe a wild dream of a business plan, maybe joining a network marketing company, maybe starting your own ministry, or maybe something else totally new! Kinda scary, right? Exciting, but scary. 

Or maybe you've already started and you felt like you need a do over of sorts. Yeah? 

OK, I feel 100% confident this will help you.

These are are some of the things I share with my clients when we first start meeting. Obviously we get way more detailed and specific because it's one-on-one. BUT I didn't want to hold some all of the info secret, I wanted you to get started on your dream! 

I have to warn you, I shoot it to you straight. You may not like me at all during most of this, and that's OK. I don't sugar coat things with my clients, and I won't sugar coat it with you. Sometimes it's easier to hear the things we really need to hear from someone who isn't our bestie, our parents, our spouse, or our counselor even. Sometimes it needs to be a total stranger to kick our butts into action... or into quitting.

But you'll have to keep reading to find out more. 

So proud of you! Let me know what your biggest takeaway is for you and/or your dream.