Trick or Treating Fun

I was so excited for Halloween this year with Karis. You all know it is one of my very favorite holidays. And since Karis is usually pretty expressive about what she likes and doesn't like, I couldn't wait to see what her thoughts were about Halloween.

Disclaimer: Nearly every picture is blurry. This girl is so on the move it is near impossible to get a non-blurry picture snapped of her. 

We have a tradition of spending Halloween with our favorite fun house, The Skaggs

Meet Miss Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany' (sans the boos and cigarette... wink). Had to do this costume. My girl likes all things accessories too much right now. So we had to go all out for Halloween. 

She was so excited to get in her wagon and head out. Does this excited face she has just make you giggle or what? It still hasn't gotten old for me.

And while she wasn't showing it here, she was really excited to have her pretend big sister, Ella aka Strawberry Shortcake, with her. Don't you love how Ella is forcing her to be happy. 

Of course they have neighborhood parades lead by firetrucks in Katy. Truly everything is a little too Leave it to Beaver in Katy. One day we might make it out there.... one day... 

I love that Karis so wanted to walk with the big kids. I love how Seth cheered her on. I love how she looks like a drunken sailor when she gets going. I love that she did a pretty good job keeping up. And I love when you get a natural sun flare in the lens.

And there are no words to adequately describe our love for these five. 

My heart could burst talking about how proud I was of Ella girl. Her friends were a good block ahead and she patiently waited for Karis to catch up to her. She wanted so badly to walk and hold hands with her. At the end of the night she said, "I wish Karis was really a sister in our family." Melt my heart.  

Yes, I think she likes Halloween. 

My future son in law. Emily and I told Ella that Kyle and Karis were going to get married one day. Ella said, "When's the wedding?" She was totally on board. When we told her that if they did get married then we'd get to spend every holiday together her eyes got so wide with excitement. Could you imagine what Karis and Kyle's kids eyes could look like?

You know we used her purse as her trick or treat bag. Karis' sweet Daddy had gone to Tiffany's that morning to see if they'd give us a bag to go with the costume and it was against company policy. So Chris bought me a new diamond bracelet so we could have a bag. Totally kidding. We went with Karis' favorite purse to carry around (my Grandma's from the 50s).

She held her own purse when the door opened. And you know every person could've eaten her up! 

How was your Halloween? What were your favorite costumes you saw? What was your favorite piece of candy to eat?