Turning 30, what to do?

In just 5 short days I turn the big 3-0.

I'm not one of those girls that fear turning 30. I plan to write a whole post on this soon, but not today.

But I am one of those girls that loves me a birthday! Seriously, since I was a child it wasn't just my birthday, or my birthday week, nope, I celebrated birthday month! Now that I'm an adult with a child that's changed a little bit.

I still love birthdays. I think they are the one day where it is totally acceptable to make it all about spoling a person and celebrating them like crazy!

Other holidays like Christmas or Easter have always felt strange that we make a holiday that is not about a person all about them. We fill up stockings and baskets and such for a person and forget that we are celebrating Jesus-- His birth, His death for our lives, and His resurrection. So far we've done the stocking and the baskets, so I'm not saying those are wrong. I'm just saying it is always a challenging balance to make sure it isn't all about us, when it's not supposed to be.

But birthdays should always be all about that person! :)

So for my birthday week, any suggestions of things I should do as I close out my 20s?