An Unexpected Gift

Our life is still pending. I actually had a mini-melt down the other night and told Chris, through tears and laughter (a gift only girls have I feel certain), "I think I am tri-polar!"

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, underwhelmed, yet still really loved your life at that moment? Well that is the stage I find myself in. I truly am loving our life right now. Love Karis at this stage, our marriage has never been stronger (something I'll write about soon, because we all know that strength comes through trials), and my walk with the Lord has never been deeper/more genuine. Yet, even with all those things being true I still find myself overwhelmed and underwhelmed.

So with that said, a few weeks ago we got a call and this couple wanted to bless us with a specific gift. We were speechless. It wasn't something we needed. It wasn't even something we wanted. It was more like something we'd dream about get maybe in 20 years kind of a gift. We were speechless by the generosity.  A no strings attached, from a heart of love and generosity gift.

This past weekend as we sat before this couple, lost for words at how to say thank you but tried by telling them:

I have been focused on Matthew 7:11 for the past month, "If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!" 
And now, because of your generosity, I am so excited to see what the Lord will do next with so many of the other things that are pending. Because if He will use people (who the Word says are evil) to bless us,  HOW MUCH MORE will He? 

And I told them that every time I lay eyes on that gift, it will serve as a reminder to me that the Lord will do even more. That He is for us. 
The truth is I may not understand the timing (never promised to be on my timeline). 
I may not understand the method (never promised to be easy). 
I may not even understand the gift (never promised that I would get what I want). 
But I am promised a gift. And when I get the gift, whatever it is and whenever it comes, I want to receive it. 
What about you? When was the last time someone gave you an unexpected gift? How did it make you feel? And, can you think of anyone that you can bless with a gift?