The United States Government Declares...

that I am officially Becky Kiser (well, Rebecca Jannette Kiser)!!!!!!

I went to get my marriage license and to the Social Security office and two hours later I walked out as a whole new woman... Mrs. Becky Kiser. When the United States Social Security office declares you as Becky Kiser and makes you sign your name that way, you know that is it official!

Now all I have to do is contact the following: Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, my workplace (HFBC), Arbonne, Chase Bank, ExxonMobil, State Farm, Cingular, US Passport Services and anyone else I'm forgetting.

I don't care though, I am SO PROUD to be Mrs. Kiser!

All my life I have wanted to marry someone who's last name was different. Smith is the most common last name in America (that is not an exaggeration, it's true). I always wanted someone with less than 20 of them in the phonebook. Last I checked there are 22 "Kiser's" in Houston. I can settle for that. :)