Unplugging Till the 1st

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be unplugging till January 1st.

I want to make sure I'm super focused on my family our first Christmas with our baby girl. So I'm going to disconnect from all things social media. I might make an exception for Twitter just to record some things here and there.

So if you are really bored and are wondering what's going on with those Kisers... you can go to: Chris' Twitter page or Becky's Twitter page.

One more thing...

after the first of the year
I have thought of a really fun thing that we, my bloggy community/family/friends, can do after the first of the year.
I so hope you like it as much as I do.
But I'm going to wait till the first of the year to tell you about it.
I want to say more.
But aren't surprises so much more fun?
I know. Yes and no.
For now you will wait.

But if you can guess correctly what it is...
You'll get a gift from me
(it will go along with the announcement).
Posts your guesses in the comments.

Hope you make the most of the Christmas season and the New Year.
I hope you are reminded this year how very much He (Jesus Christ) loves you.
And know that I do too!