Update and Background on Jen

Thank you so much to all of you who have been praying!
Please continue, it is not time to let up.
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As soon as I hear updates from Jen's Mom,
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If you are wondering the back story and don't know what is going on, here are all the updates I have received starting with the most recent: (all times are central time in the United States)

Sunday 8:30am: Jen just called. She was able to get out of her apt and to a friend's house, who is in a safer neighborhood away from the prison, before the curfew started a few minutes ago. Pray that they will be able to get to a safer place tomorrow and out of the country if need be.

Sunday 5am: Jen was able to call this morning. The prison where 1000 inmates escaped is two streets over from her apt. There was machine gun fire in the neighborhood for 18 hours, and I heard it loud and clear in the background. The school has an escape plan that they will attempt tomorrow morning. They will go to Cypress if all goes well. Please pray. They are all afraid.

Saturday 5pm: Communication is off again. There is looting all over Cairo with no police presence. The looters have broken into the police stations and taken the automatic weapons. It will be a dangerous night as people protect their buildings with kitchen knives, baseball bats, whatever they can find. Thanks for praying.

Saturday at 4:00pm: (back-and-forth with Jen's Mom, Sherry)
Becky: Have you heard anything from Jen since moving upstairs? Praying for you!

Sherry: Becky, the men who work in Jen's apt. building kept rioters with guns off of the street using sticks and metal bars. They were very brave and a God-send. The street was calm again as of about 11:30 eastern time and Jen and her roommate were planning on going back to their apt. to watch a tv that works. She was going to call again if there was a problem. I can't get through to her.

Becky: oh praise God. i've been praying and crying and praying and crying all day!!! so good to hear good news. big big sigh!!!

Sherry: the looting is all over Cairo. People are defending their property with kitchen knives, bats, whatever they can find. Many police stations have been looted and the automatic weapons taken by looters. This will be a dangerous night all over the city. Communication is cut off again.

Becky: wow. is it possible for her to get out at all? was she able to communicate with the us embassy?

Sherry: There are people at the airport, but they are not getting out. All flights are canceled. Jen said there were 70,000 Americans in Egypt (Cairo?) and they can't possibly get them all out, but supposedly the school is trying to get an evacuation plan together if needed.

Saturday 4pm: The rioters with guns were kept off of Jen's street by using sticks and metal bars. What a God-send. Jen said she would call if anything else scary happened. The street was calm and they were going back to their apt to watch tv for news.

Saturday 11am: Jen just called. There is a bunch of shouting, fighting, and gun fire right outside her apt. window. She and her roommate are getting ready to go to a neighbor's apt. upstairs to get away from street level. Please pray. There seems to be rioting all over and looting now that the police are gone. This is a neighborhood with lots of Americans. They might be after American possessions??? Who knows. Keep praying.

Saturday 7:58am: Becky, she just called again. The neighborhood was quiet this am, but is now covered soldiers with machine guns. They are back in apt. locked inside. Curfew is just starting, but the protesters are not going in.

Saturday 6:56am: Jen called. Curfew is about to start, but the protesters are not going inside. There are now soldiers all around her neighborhood with machine guns. American Embassy knows where she is, but there are 70,000 Americans there, and it might be difficult to get them out if there is need. Thanks for praying. We know that she is in God's hands, as well as the poverty-stricken people fighting for their human rights.

Saturday 4:43am: Everyone. I just talked to Jen on Skype, and she is safe, thanks be to God! They are about 10 miles away from the action. The phones are back up for now, but no texting or Internet, and no guarantee how long they will have phone. A tear gas bomb did come down in her neighborhood yesterday. Jen is going to contact the American Embassy today in case she needs to get out quickly. Please keep praying!

Saturday 4:27am: Becky, I just finished talking to Jen on Skype. She is perfectly safe at present. All of the action is about 10 miles away from her so far. She has been able to walk around her neighborhood some because it is quiet, but mostly they are inside trying to watch the news to see what is happening. Also, at one time they heard what sound...ed like a bomb. They peeked outside and realized in was tear gas, so they ran back upstairs and locked the doors. The locals in her neighborhood think this will continue until Mubarak steps down. Keep praying. Jen is going to contact the American Embassy today. The cell phones are back up, but there is no internet and they cannot text anyone. We're not sure how long that will last, and locals say until Mubarak steps down. Please keep praying!

Friday 4:15am: Please pray for Jen in Egypt. FB and Twitter are mostly shut down. She updated yesterday on her blog to keep us informed, and she was fine, but. today is a mosque/holy day, and things are expected to get a little crazy. Jen is in the suberbs, just across the street from a mosque.