Update from Doc (37 1/2 Weeks)

I had another OB appointment. Does anyone else feel like I go to the OB every day? The weeks are flying by!!!

So last week the status was: 1-2cm dilated, 50% effaced and REALLY high.

This week I had my fingers crossed and we are at...

Do you really want to know?

Why do I like torturing people so much?

Ok... So this week I am at: 2cm dilated, 60% effaced and REALLY high. So much for Mother's Intuition, because I could've sworn she had dropped. Turns out she hasn't.

Dr. Cone said that is all on track for where you'd be with your first child at 37 1/2 weeks. However, due to my previous health issues and my concerns with an episiotomy, Dr. Cone thought it would be good for us to have an ultrasound at next week's appointment to check her size out. So that is really fun news because we will get to see her again!

He let us know that he doesn't let babies go longer than a week past your due date. So at the VERY latest she will be here in 25 days! That is amazing!! Of course we will gladly welcome her at any time! :)

Dr. Cone also said that things could change at any moment. This whole season is the perfect preparation for parenthood-- timing is totally in the Lord's hands and so many things are out of this control freak's hands who has to do everything right now!

I am feeling great though-- the normal stuff at this stage: swollen feet and hands most days, lower back pain, her movements are uncomfortable, lots of trips to the bathroom, full on pregnancy waddle... but I really love it all. Chris and I are having so much fun watching her move now-- it is crazy how much my whole tummy shifts. We are just so ready to meet our baby girl!