Update from the Doc (38 1/2 weeks)

Wamp Wamp is all I can say.

Actually let me take that back by adding in a BEAUTIFUL first. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

My doc ordered an ultrasound for us this morning to see how baby girl was measuring out. I can't even tell you how amazing it was to see her again.

She continues to prove that she is more like me than her daddy-- she is NOT a morning person. Never has been. So she's not very cooperative when they need her to shift a little (not like there's much room for shifting). Grin.

We did get to see her face... twice! The first time she looked like her daddy-- bigger nose and oval face. The second time she looked more like me-- rounder face and button nose (which I had until my nose got broken as a child and didn't get re-set). So we will see. I told Chris, well she definitely looks like one of us.

Side-note: When Chris saw her face on the ultrasound he totally pulled a Rachel from Friends. The tech said, "You see her face?" (pointing at her eyes, nose, and lips), Chris didn't but he didn't want to say anything so he just said, "Uh-huh." He confessed after she left.

And they told us how much she weighs. I know a girl's weight should never be revealed, but this is vital information given that she is going to come out of me in the next few weeks.

Y'all I just about passed out when they said how much.

I was born on time at 6lbs 1/2oz. So I just assumed "like mother, like daughter." Not our girl. She might be like me in personality but she doesn't have my birth weight because...


No I'm not joking. I would never joke about that. All I can say is Praise God from whom all blessings flow for epidurals! Grin.

So then we headed upstairs to the doc and after the exam he said: "No progress." So I am still 60% effaced, 1-2cm dilated and VERY high.

He likes to describe labor as having a deck of cards and everyone draws their hands. Before labor begins you get 5 cards (dilation, baby size, cervix, etc.) and once labor begins you draw 2 more. He said that unfortunately I have drawn 5 "unfavorable" cards. He then said, with his humor I love so much, "you need to draw some trump cards for the next two."

So what are the next steps?

We go back Monday to find out more. I'll be 5 days from due date, which he fully anticipates I'll be reaching (sorry to all of those that voted that she'd come early). He said with unfavorable cards like this is when you are usually looking at inducing and higher chances of c-section.

Of course he concluded it all with, "But this could all change 6 hours from now, anything can happen."

Bottom-line: We trust the Lord and we trust our doctor. Regardless of how she gets her, she will be here in 19 days or less (that's the latest he'll let me go). So we are thrilled silly about that!

This morning I was praying and reading through Psalm 139:14-18 again and believing that for Karis (and also reminding myself) before our appointment. Of course I would LOVE to meet her today. But I believe fully that her days have already been ordained, no matter what I want or try to do, she's coming on the very day that the Lord has set for her already.