Update from Doc (39 1/2 Weeks)

We went to the doctor this morning and heard the same thing: NO PROGRESS.

I'll give the long story, but first I'll give the short.

Short Story:
We are scheduled to induce next Tuesday (August 17th).

Long Story: (As usual, there might be more details than some care to read about)
The doc examined me and found that I am still at the SAME place: 1-2cm dilated and 60% effaced... but most of all, STILL REALLY HIGH. As he has always said about me: "everything looks unfavorable" for a regular vaginal birth.

So what does this mean?

Well first it meant my first dose of some real pain. He tried to stretch me on his own. Let's just say I asked him if I could opt for an epidural then. My mom and Chris were both there and standing up against the wall grimacing watching me go through it. That part was actually comic relief for me.

We then talked about next steps. He wanted me to come back next Monday (Aug 16, 2 days past my due date) to meet with him and be examined.

He then said we had two options:
1. IF I want to try to exhaust every attempt to have a vaginal birth: We can wait another week and come back that next Monday (Aug 23) and he'd have to induce me then. However, he is not optimistic that it will make any kind of difference by waiting. Also, I would be looking at a 9lb+ baby by then (what in the world).

2. IF I am open for whatever course happening: He said we could go ahead and induce next Tuesday (Aug 17).

So what's the hang up with this? With my "unfavorable circumstances" he said that inductions cause longer and harder labors and are more likely to end up in a c-section. That why a lot of people will choose to wait another week.

Either way, due to my "unfavorable circumstances" he said whether we wait a week or two weeks to induce my body will, more than likely, respond the same way. Either it will respond to the cervix softening gel and pitocin or it won't.

The difference is the size of the baby. The longer we wait the bigger she gets. She was 7 1/2lbs last week and babies grow by at least 1/2lb a week!!

Due to my other health issues we then have to weigh the risks of an episiotomy/tearing v. a c-section. Given the location of each one and the location of my past surgeries, it is actually better odds for me to heal from the c-section.

So we decided to go ahead with being scheduled for induction next Tuesday. Inductions aren't guaranteed birth dates though. If Labor & Delivery is swamped then I could get bumped to a different day. But for now, the date is next Tuesday!!!! So fun! :)

Now anything could still happen... if my water breaks, she's coming that day. Or Dr. Cone said with the contractions I've been having (which haven't done anything yet) plus with what he did to me today, could jump start things.

Regardless of what comes, we are just thrilled knowing that we will be meeting Karis in the next week or so! It's getting REALLY close and REALLY real!

And, of course, an updated belly pic. Seriously, could it get any bigger?! Chris is still hoping that there is another one in there. After seeing my profile, I wouldn't be surprised! ;)

And as I've said before, we will be updating the blog, Facebook and Twitter as often as we can once labor starts. Katie, my sis-in-law, will be posting them in the waiting room and after delivery. But looks like there shouldn't be an update till next Monday... but you never know. :)