Update: House is Back on Market

I realized tonight that with all the craziness of the past two weeks, I haven't updated y'all on our housing situation.

We were supposed to close in just 3 weeks. But that is no longer happening.
The deal is off.
wamp. wamp. doesn't even begin to describe it.

We had our inspections and, as expected for a house that is 55 years old, a few things popped up. Nothing crazy, nothing surprising and nothing out of our range that we weren't willing to fix it. However, for whatever reason, the buyers backed out.

We were certainly disappointed for a few days.
Had moments of asking: "Lord did we hear you right?"
And now, with fresh perspective and a renewed vision that He has called us to move.
He has called us into Apartment Life Ministries.
Just He hasn't called us to go yet.

So for now, we wait.
Wait for the right buyers.
Wait for the right complex to open up for us.

Please join us in praying over both of those things:

*Buyers: I really want this house to be a blessing for whoever comes into it next. This past week I have been so burdened in prayer for them. That this would be a home for them. That they would grow in the Lord while they are here. Whether we have to wait a week or a year for them, I pray that we would be patient in the Lord's timing in their life. I want so badly for this house to be a blessing for those that dwell here next.

*Apartment Life: The other good thing about the contract not going through is Apartment Life Ministries doesn't have a property for us yet. So we would've been homeless (sort of, I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind having their granddaughter and her parents crash for a bit). So please be praying that the two work out seamlessly-- when we get the right offer that the perfect property would open up for us. That the Lord would already be working in the lives of the people we will meet there.