Update on Karis

Karis' heart murmur results just came in from Texas Children's Hospital and the murmur is benign and should disappear on it's own. Praise God!

Also, her jaundice levels are going down! She will need to stay under the lights through the night and tomorrow morning they will test her again. If the levels are normal then she will go off the lights for 8 hours and be re-tested tomorrow afternoon. If those levels are normal then we can take her home! If not, then the cycle repeats. Please be praying for normal levels to return.

Today has been a hard day having her away from us the whole day. The hospital has been so great in working with us to still allow me to breastfeed her with formula supplementation. So we have had her for 45 minute feedings once every 3 hours. Let me tell you how much we have cherished those moments together. We have totally felt your prayers and encouragement and felt so much hope today.

You can be praying for us as we head home with out her tonight. I'm sure there will be many tears, but we are leaving very thankful for the situation we are in. We know it could be way different. Thank you so much for your love, encouragement and prayers.

Hope to get some blog updates out this weekend to share what all has been going on.

Much love! Chris, Becky & Karis