A Very Kiser Christmas

Oh what fun celebrating Karis' VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS!
(Yes I put my child in a wreath.)

A week before Christmas my mom (Mimi, or she also calls herself Grandma) came in town and we went to San Antonio to see Nils, Katie and Emery. My mom has always been obsessed with Spot books and she is determined to get the girls on board. Emery is hooked and says, "spot, spot..." over and over again. This is Karis' very first time to read Spot.

Emery loves playing with Karis' toys. This was their first time to work on sharing. I'll let you guess who won this game of tug-o-war.

We still aren't 100% sure what we are going to do with the whole Santa thing. We want Christmas to be less about presents and more about the meaning behind Christmas-- Christ's birth, serving others and being with family. BUT we will always talk about Santa in our house because he is a part of our culture. Plus Santa pictures are too cute. Here we are in line for Santa!

Emery loves to pat Karis' head.

Emery spots Santa. I die laughing every time I see this picture. Emery is one of the happiest little girls you will ever meet. So to see this expression is just so funny. She was completely still and wouldn't take her eyes off of Santa.

Tell me that's not the best Santa picture you have ever seen? I dare you.

I love my niece oh so much. She has the sweetest little personality and is just an absolutely doll. And on top of all of that, she is just the cutest thing. She could easily be a Gerber Baby. Easily.

This picture is blurry. But it is my most favorite picture I have of her. It completely captures who she is-- on the go, life's a blur, wind in the hair, free of care, full of joy, sparkle in the eye and eager for your full attention.

Then we headed to Odessa to see Chris' family. These are ornaments on Tammy's tree-- Chris and Jason when they were little boys.

Our pediatrician thinks Karis might be having a bit of reflux from the formula so she recommended we start her on rice cereal. As you can see she loved her first experience.

It got better. We were able to get a few swallows in. But more than anything it was hilarious and an absolute mess!

Our first Christmas morning together.

Uncle Jason has been living in Australia for the past year and bought Karis some treats. I love that their expressions are the exact same here.

This was a really funny gift. Jason knew that Karis was 3 months, so he bought her a size 3. Little did he know that a size 3 is for a 3 year old. Karis will have to wait a few years to wear these Aussie shorts.

My husband couldn't be any happier that Berkman is now a Cardinal. His mom special ordered these shirts for all of us.

This was Karis' stocking that Tammy found-- Santa pants. So cute!!

Karis loves her some Grampy! He even got another laugh out of her on the trip.

Oh and did she love her Grammy! They gave us a real treat and sent us on a date night and had some alone time with their grandbaby.

Snuggles with Uncle Jason. It was a very serious conversation.

Tammy and Larry got a cat, Jewel. Karis wasn't even sort of afraid of Jewels. But Jewels has a good reason to be afraid of Karis... she had a hand full of her coat. Poor Jewels it will only get worse for her as Karis gets mobile.

These are the grandsons (Billy, Brian, Jason, Chris, and Colton) and their Papaw. Papaw, who is 86, had an accident the week before we got there. He was training for his 6th coast-to-coast (California to Florida) bicycle trip. Yes a bicycle. Yes he is 86. He completed his 5th trip just two years ago. He has inspired and influenced these five men more than he will ever know.

Once we got home, we tried out some of Karis' new toys. This was a shower gift from her Aunt Kelly and Tio Jose. She likes it more every day. Basically she just wants to eat all the plastic pieces.

One of the many gifts from Grammy was a Zoo Membership. So we headed there with Aunt Katie, Uncle Nils, Emery, Dad (GPa) and Robin (Gigi).

Isn't that hilarious. Chris said: "I finally met someone more hairy than me." Classy.

Pure joy. Love this.

You know my girl was going to have a good expression to fireworks. This was captured as the first ones went off. Hilarious!

Morning snuggles with Ems!

It was a great couple of weeks with all of our family. Exhausting. But so good.

What was your favorite thing that happened during holidays?