Walking Non-Stop!

Chris is going to make an official "She's Walking!" video with a bunch of videos combined... BUT we've had so many people ask us to post a video of her walking.

This was taken this morning. She literally hasn't crawled since she really started walking. She was taking a few steps just before her 1st birthday and a couple of weeks later she was off and she hasn't stopped since! Falling doesn't even phase her,  in fact it often times cracks her up (unless she falls and hits her head on something, then it's the end of the world. She totally looks like a drunken sailor half the time (especially just after waking up or when its time for bed).

She loves the freedom of walking so much. A little too much. We have already had a couple of meltdowns now because she wants to be down walking. I keep telling myself: stay put, don't run out of the store, this is good for her to not get her way... this is good for your character too.

She is usually carrying things around with her. If you follow me on Twitter or seen this post, you've seen some of the pictures. But she is obsessed with necklaces and her purse (which is actually my grandma's from the 50s). (Side-note: really adorable but yesterday I was teaching her how to put the purse on her shoulder. So funny to watch her figure out it could that!) She did take yesterday off from the purse and necklace and carried around her St. Louis Cardinals baseball and Fred Bird. Chris told us that the Cards still have a chance, so I guess she was feeling like she needed to root for them yesterday. Her Kuku and Daddy were pretty proud!

Now for what you've been waiting for... But again, a better one will be posted. I just had to get something up for you real quick. :)

 And here's another one from last week. She was feeling pretty fussy and was super clingy because her right molar was breaking through. Watch till the end and you'll see her necklace fall off and get a quick look at her trying to put it back on.