Wanna go to prison with me?

Are you interested in getting stretched a bit out of your comfort zone?

I can't encourage you enough to take a leap and join me on Saturday, June 11th from 11a-4p to serve at the Carole Young Medical Prison.

What we will do: play some volleyball (or of us non-athletic women, hang out with the ladies on the sidelines and talk (much easier than it sounds)), then we will have a worship service (worship (probably with Debbie Forrest), teaching (with me) and then a time of prayer (this is so amazing-- you get to pray over the inmates). 

I know it sounds a little scary. Seriously the first time I went I thought I would fear for my safety. I couldn't have been more off. I have never felt so comfortable in a ministry setting. It is literally my favorite place to go.

I know you don't have much time (seriously Saturdays are a precious commodity). But it's 5 hours of your life, and I promise you will be changed. If you want to read a little bit about my first trip to prison with CHARM, you can click here: "The Day I went to Prison."

What I need? 
Send me an email with: your legal name, drivers license # and state.
That's all.

THIS DOESN'T EVEN COMMIT YOU TO GOING. But we do need to submit these names ASAP to the Warden to get them approved. Then a week or two out, I'll email again to see if you are still able to go.

Hope you join us this time.

Love, Becky