Watching her with others

Karis gets plenty of social interaction, but I hardly ever get to see her interact with kids her own age. Lots of the other kids she plays with are a year older than her. And she goes to the nursery at church whenever we are up there, but we never get to see her play. I know she loves playing with big kids and the nursery teachers always tell me when I ask how she did, "Karis always has a good time! We love her. She's so happy!"

But I've never gotten to see it in person until this past Monday. Karis and I went to our very first Mommy & Me music class, Tiny Tots & Tunes at Second Baptist West. Highly recommend it.

Y'all my heart soared the entire time.

Not because of where she was developmentally (which I wish I would've realize a year ago it truly doesn't matter). Not because of her cute outfit. Not because of how many times people told me how beautiful she was. But because of her little personality. Truly I never thought once about any of those things.

But my heart soared to see her. To see her total joy bursting in her little personality.

Karis literally ran around the room from the moment we got there. Every time a new Mommy and little one came in Karis went up to them with a giant smile and a happy pant she does and stood in front of the child like, "Hi! Wanna be friends?" And would smile real big and give a chuckle and then turn around and run off to the next one as if to say, "Chase me! Chase me!"

During singing time when all the other babies sat quietly in their mommies laps and shook their egg and bell, Karis had hers in her hands and danced in the middle. It was if she thought all those people were there to watch her. And at the end of the song when they would clap she would get a real proud look on her face. I feel certain that she thought they were clapping for her. Oh I couldn't stop laughing.

I loved when at the end during the bubble song and the bubbles were being blown every where Karis chased them all around the room. I loved when she was clear across the room and a thousand bubbles separated us and she caught me smiling at her, she squealed as loud as she could and took off and flew into my arms.

My prayer for Karis since before she was born is simply that she would be a joy to others. And today I got to see it. I got to see her make other little ones smile. I got to see her make other Mommies smile. And I got to see her cause this Mama to swell with so much joy I could burst.