We Adore Emery (Our Niece)

We spent the past weekend in San Antonio visiting my family. We stayed with my brother (Nils), my sister-in-law (Katie) and my niece (Emery). I can't tell you how much we love going to spend time with them. Every time I just hope and pray Exxon opens up an office in San Antonio in the very near future (don't worry Houston friends, they will never do that).

Emery was born last July so she has added such so much life to our family. This weekend was so good for this aunt and uncle to get some good bonding time with Ems! It's hard being in a different city. We feel like (and know) that we miss out on so much of her life. So it was great to have several days together just to be.

Of course you know we busted out our camera while we were there. I wanted to share a few of my favorites with y'all. Emery is an absolute joy to be around. It's really ridiculous. She is so happy all the time (hardly ever fussy). But she also is really into watching and observing others (as you will be able to see in the pics). Sometimes it's hard to get her to smile because she is just taking you in. She has two bottom teeth that have popped way up too and a two coming in up top, which gives the most beautiful smile ever!

Ok enough rambling from this Aunt (can you tell I'm totally in love?).

Do you see those dimples? Poor Nils, he is going to have it rough as this little one grows up. Blond hair, deep blue eyes, dimples, and long eyelashes = dangerous combination.

Well good morning. I just love the sleepy baby look.

Emery had already mastered the army crawl before we arrived. But while we were there she started crawling on all fours! Oh it was so fun to get to be apart of that milestone.

You can already see how much Emery loves Karis. The whole trip she kept patting my belly. It was adorable and had me near tears too many times to count.

And finally she took a bow for being the world's best niece...