We are back in town... sort of!

After being out of town for 11 days (hence the blog silence since our pregnancy announcement), we are extending our vacation into a stay-cation.

On Sunday night we walked in the door at 11:30pm to a smell that slapped you across the face. Before we could even cut the alarm off and turn the lights on we knew: the leak that had been fixed before we left town had broken again. Sure enough we turned on the lights, looked down the hall and saw it: water at least an inch or two deep down the hall, into the guest bathroom and Karis' room. On top of that since we'd cut the AC off the past 11 days, mold had grown up the walls about 2 feet.

To say it was disgusting and a horrible welcome home is an understatement.

However, yet again, Chris and I are convinced we may never own a house again (we are half kidding... but still half serious). Within 30 minutes our maintenance team was at our house stopping the leak and vacuuming up the water. They were back at our house first thing in the morning and had all the carpets, wood floors and sheetrock out within hours. They even moved all the furniture and stuff out of the junk storage closet (so embarassed someone had to see that)!

Clearly not the way we wanted to come home, but we are so thankful for where we live and that it is all being handled quickly!

So the next week might be a little quite on the blog as our life is a little wonky this week. But I have lots of blog posts churning and I can't wait to share things I'm learning, funny things Karis is doing and some discussions I'm ready for us to have!