We are pregnant!!!

We are so excited to share that we are pregnant with our second little one! I'm due on Jan 3, 2013! 
We should find out right around Karis' birthday (Aug 17) if it is a boy or a girl. Haven't had any feelings one way or another. And we are really torn with what we'd want. We'd love to have a boy, Chris especially wants the chance to raise a little man. But we are so comfortable raising girls (not to mention have an awesome wardrobe that needs to get passed down).
As you can see Karis is very excited about being a Big Sis: 
She celebrates and gives affection to the baby often and even learned a new trick this week: doing summersaults. Ella Skaggs always teaches Karis new things when they are together and this last time it was summersaults. I feel certain Ella will also teach Karis all about being a fabulous Big Sis. 
As you think of it please pray for this sweet little life. It has been a bit of a rough start and the doctor had to put me on limited activity due to a threatened miscarriage. But a week or so ago we were told: "You've reached every hurdle I was wanting you to get to. You will never have zero risk in a pregnancy but you are at as good of a place as we can be." Everything is measuring well and heart beat is strong and clear. We've been so thankful for our OB because he is so thorough and we've already had tons of ultrasounds. The Lord has graced us with being able to see and hear the heartbeat a little earlier than expected. So even though there were other concerns, He was gracious to give us assurance every time we went it. 
I've been feeling very first trimester. All the typical signs: exhaustion, lots of food aversions, nausea round the clock (a little other sickness, yuck but reassuring), and insomnia (didn't have that with Karis this early). I am also finding it so hard to believe how much earlier you can physically tell you are pregnant with the second. I'm not at a stage where others might notice the difference, but I certainly can and it is crazy! Maternity clothes got pulled out this week for sure! Oh have I missed those elastic waistbands. ;)