Wedding Ceremony Pictures!!!

the programs
i love the "rose petals" (really just tissue paper cut up... SO much cheaper!!)
all tied up
being VERY dramatic
here comes the bride!
the sanctuary
exchanging of the rings (my man did good!!!)
i couldn't be happier!

family and wedding party prayer time

the unity candle

chris and i pray together for the first time as man and wife
first kiss
mr and mrs christopher james kiser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
our "lord of the rings" and the cutest bunch of flower girls ever!
my bridesmaids (big wedding party, but we love them all)
first row: katie, nils, me, chris, paula and karley
second row: jen, erinn, kate and casey
*in no particular order
more kissing

my maid of honor (paula tripputi) and man of honor (nils smith)

my dress (yes, we forgot to unbussle it after my last fitting)