Week 34: Belly Pic Update and More!

Here I am at 33 1/2 weeks... only 46 days to go to Karis' due date!!

How am I doing?

I have to say that one of my favorite things to do now is go in public. Everyone seems to move out of your way, hold doors open, offer you a chair... it cracks me up. The best is when people ask me how much longer I have and I tell them, "Six more weeks!" They get this horrified look as if I just might deliver right then and there. If only they knew how much longer I still had to go!

I hit the uncomfortable, crowded stage. I have been really praying through this and also giving myself grace. I feel guilty when I want to complain about the back aches, lack of sleep, constant crowded feeling, jabs to my ribs and bladder, the sweaty nights and swollen fingers. But I am quickly reminded what a blessing this is to be able to carry our child. I'm reminded of Karis' name-- that she is a gift of grace I didn't expect to receive. I'm reminded of too many dear friends that would gladly take all of this and more. However, at the same time, it's OK to acknowledge and feel discomfort. It's not an easy thing carrying this size baby around.

Right now the #1 feeling we have is totally excitement! We can't believe she is almost here!!!! When we hit 50 days, it really hit me that it's so so very close. In two more days I'll be able to say that she comes next month! :)

How is Karis doing?

This week she would officially be considered pre-term and not a preemie if she were to be born. Which means that she is doing great-- everything is developed and things are just continuing to mature. She is about 5lbs right now. Don't think that's much? Go pick up a bag of sugar at the grocery store next time. Her favorite thing to do lately is sucker punch me in the bladder and karate kick me in the ribs. She is a very active girl... but all of this is in her own time. She still refuses to move when I push on her or if anyone puts their hand on my tummy. They have to stay put for a while to trick her.

Oh I just can't wait to see her sweet little (alien newborn) baby face, her tiny little feet and hands. I often catch myself day dreaming about us (me and Chris) just unwrapping her at the hospital and marveling at her little miracle self.

Having her has made me wonder how anyone could question that there is a Greater One than all of us that is our Creator.

Here are some better pics of the nursery (I finally busted out the nice camera)...

The crib:

Close up of the bedding:

The sitting (nursing) area:

Close up of the fabric on the chair:

Dresser/Changing Station and Karis' play area:
*Note: Still to come on this wall: We are painting the whole wall a moss/avocado green. And then above her little play area will be a snippet from Psalm 139 on the wall.

Gasp! A pink chair (Ally has been giving me such a hard time for having no pink in her room):

Double Gasp! I made a bow board. Yes I crafted: