Well hello there!

There are some seasons I feel like I could post 3 blogs a day... and other season I can't think of a single thing to say. This season is really neither. I have plenty to say, but these days my journal has been getting more wear and tear than this keyboard.

But that's not to say I'm disappearing. Chris and I have been talking a lot about how we both want to start blogging more regularly. We love that it's been such a fun family journal of what's going on in our lives and what we are learning personally and what we are learning from others.

Just wanted you to know that we are still alive and missed you all.

By the way it is October. How is that possible? For some reason I decided I wanted to start decorating for fall. I always thought that was a little grandma looking in others homes, but I wanted to do it this year. Chris has a special budget category for holiday decorating, so I got to go shopping the other day and go crazy. P.S. Anyone surprised at all my man would have this specific of a budget category? I love him so.

And can I go ahead and say that since it's October that means that not this month, not next month, but the NEXT month I will have another baby?!!! What in the world!!!

I've gone into full out nesting mode. Poor Chris. Going to work probably seems like a break to him now. The girls room (how fun is that? girls room) is just about ready. Karis already points to Moriah's crib each nigh and says, "Rye-uhs cib... sumber party with Rye-uh and KK?!" She's so ready for slumber parties with her sissy! Karis' former clothes are all hung up in the closet (so glad that wardrobe gets to be used again). Our room has been rearranged since baby girl will be with for a couple of months (since girls have to share a room). You can go ahead and join us in prayer that we will get another good sleeper (I know, I know my odds are slim).

Another fun thing I had totally forgotten about is the looks I get when people ask me when I'm due. Thankfully due to the nausea I've gained very little weight my first two trimesters (or else I might be offended). Don't worry, the pounds will come! No one believes me when I tell them I still have 3 months to go. I am a short person and any height I have is in my legs. This belly of mine goes straight out. I can't even remember my last trimester with Karis how many times I had this conversation with strangers:

Them: Oh when are you due?
Me: Not for another 3 months.
Them: (Shocked expression) What? (Smile comes) Oh it's twins!
Me: Nope. 
Them: (Then comes the really big smile) Oh Triplets?!!
Me: Nope, sorry just one. 

This has already happened a couple of times. Thankfully I take NO offense to this and love me a big preggy belly! I know the baby weight comes off and it's all worth it. So I embrace the belly! At least this time I'm able to warn people at the end of the conversation, "Prepare yourself, I get really big. I truly look like I have a watermelon in my tummy by the end of it." 

Here's my last belly pic (note: I'm 23 weeks here... I'm now 26 weeks and already bigger than this!)

So that's a little update on us.

Love, Becky