Wet (White) T-Shirt!

*Note: This blog is not for men. Sorry guys! :)

Ok ladies, I have a story for you; an absolutely mortifying and horrifying moment took place this past week.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the church I work for (Houston’s First Baptist Church) took some of their staff on a retreat for training and development. It was awesome.

But it happened to be in Galveston at a hotel that had a fabulous pool and hot tub area so naturally I packed a swim suit. I get there and put it on and realize the swimsuit I had picked out for my honeymoon showed more cleavage that I had realized. So I was pulling up my swimsuit the entire time I was out by the pool. Little did I know, that was the least of my worries. Praise God no one but a few other girlfriends on staff were out there so no worries, right? Wrong!

First problem: two young men got in the hot tub with me and 3 other co-workers/girlfriends. I believe they were quite intoxicated. The fact that they couldn’t understand us and we couldn’t understand them was a big red flag. Well these guys would not stop talking to us. But the Lord sent us a rescue (or so we thought)! Two of the young guys on staff walked up. And after a few seconds walked off! That’s right left us four young ladies to fend for ourselves in the hot tub with these guys. I’m sure you are wondering why we didn’t just get up. Well the aforementioned swimsuit made we want to stay “covered up” by the bubbles in the hot tub around these two guys. A few minutes later two other ladies on staff came and were sitting close to the hot tub. They were enjoying watching these guys hit on us. The funny part is one of the guys asks: “So are those y’alls chaperones?” Seriously? Do we look like we are in high school? To which one of my friends replies: “No. They are our friends. We are 30 and don’t need chaperones.” Then she headed out of the tub and we all followed her! Finally no more awkward moments.

I wish that is where the story ended.

Knowing that my swimsuit was a bit to revealing up top, I was prepared and wore a t-shirt down. Unfortunately I wanted to match the stripe on the side of my sorts, the white stripe on the side of my shorts. So, being the genius that I am, I put on my white t-shirt over my very wet and cleavage bearing swimsuit. But when I look down it look covered up because the top of my shirt was dry and not translucent.

Here is where it got bad: we headed inside the hotel to go change out of our swimsuits. Sitting in the lobby of the hotel was a group of ALL THE MEN ON OUR LEADERSHIP STAFF!!! Yes that is right—my pastor, worship leader… even my boss! Being completely oblivious to the state of my shirt I start telling them the story of the guys in the hot tub hitting on us and the other guys on staff abandoning us and then the drunk guys calling the other ladies our chaperones.

When I got back to the room, I looked in the mirror. Much to my horror I saw what every adult man on staff just saw: Me standing in a white, wet t-shirt that revealed things I didn’t want to reveal. Who would have thought that on a Baptist staff retreat one of the staff members would try to start a wet white t-shirt party! Oh the horror!