What can you do?

Have you ever felt when friends are going through something really hard or even really good: What could I do to help?

Often times it doesn't seem like enough so we do nothing.

Please, friends, let's never let each other do nothing.

I have some dear friends that need us to do something, anything.

I beg you to check out this blog: 2 The Least Of These

This is where you would do that.
Yes I can read minds. ;)

Y'all know me. I'm not one of those people that post every need of every person I've ever met. So trust me when I say that this is something that will not only change their life, but yours too.

My Pastor said this past Sunday in his sermon: "I don't understand why people who want babies don't get them, and people that don't want babies seem to get five." When he said those words a giant lump chocked my throat and tears stung at my eyes as I thought of 3 really close families that are in this situation that I love dearly and have prayed for years for wombs to be opened.

I don't know if you know Zach and Christine Mangrum. If you do, then just the mere mention of their name made you smile. Zach and Christine are so full of life, humor and love. I seriously need to wear Depends anytime I'm with them and seem to have a six pack the next day.

But more than their humor is their desire to be parents. For years they have longed for a family. They have tried every step possible and, for whatever reason, the womb hasn't be filled. For some couples this would feel like a failure and be heartbreaking. But for this couple is its a deep sense of loss, deeper than most of us could ever know. Because I have never known a couple that so naturally nurtures and parents and loves on kids more than Zach & Christine. Seriously, it is just a natural gift.

Knowing that being parents is a natural thing for them they have decided to pursue adoption.

And guess what? A baby is coming their way!

Many of you know this road of adoption isn't an easy one. There are a lot of fears wrapped up in it.

One of those is the cost. Adoption isn't a cheap option. I know for Chris and I it will cost us $300 to walk out the door with our baby. But for those that adopt, they have to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

Know that what I'm about to share you with Zach and Christine didn't ask for. They wouldn't. But some of their friends put this together and I'm so glad they did.

So what can you do?

Help contribute! Give $10, $20 or even more! You can go to the PayPal account HERE --> click on the "donate" tab just under their picture in the right column.

About 150 people read this blog a day. If we all do something, this is what we could gift them with:
$5 each -- $750
$10 each --$1500
$25 each -- $3750
$50 each -- $7500

What can you give?

Buy a T-Shirt: Some of the Mangrums good friends have designed a T-Shirt (see image below). The shirt is only $25 (shipping included). You can buy the shirt HERE.

Pray: Of course we want you to pray. The reason why I listed the other ones first is because, the process is already happened. And I know that 98% of the people that read this could sacrifice $5, likely much more. So pray about what you can give and pray for the Lord to bless this family with a full family!

Isn't it cool to think that we could be a part of giving a family that wants a child so desperately the means to do so? Is that Venti Latte really more important? Is that 76th pair of shoes really more important? What could you do?