What a Difference Editing Makes

Chris and I have every intention of buying PhotoShop Elements as soon as the budget allows. But in the mean time I am falling in love with iPhoto. I just found the "retouch" application and can't wait to put that to really good use in the future! ;)

I wanted to share with you some of our favorite pictures and now they are even more loved by us as they've been enhanced. The best part of editing pictures is, I think anyway, you can make the picture look more like it does in your memory. The richness of the moment can finally show on film (or jpeg). *Note: I fully know some of these pics are over-edited. I'm just a little excited about all the options. I'll calm down eventually, I promise.

I'm going to write some captions for those that like details. But for you "let's-just-get-to-the-point" readers, just look at the pictures (you're probably not even reading this and have already moved on to the pics). :)

This is from a mission trip I took to Zambia, Africa in College. The pic honestly, wasn't posed. The kids at this orphanage swarmed me and a friend grabbed a picture of it and got them to all look up. It is one of my most treasure memories.

Ah, our wedding day. I actually did this pose as a joke and our photographer thought it was genius. Go figure, me joking around would some how turn out elegant.

Our reception was at the Majestic Metro in downtown Houston.

My grandparents owned a farm outside Giddings, TX growing up. Down the dirt road from their house was a creek with this bridge. I spent hours of my life crossing that bridge and hoping in the creek for a summer swim.

And you've seen our pictures (here, here and here) from our recent cruise with my in-laws (Tammy & Larry).

And you've already seen the some of the pics of my sweet niece, Emery.

And this was from when we were stranded in Vegas when Hurricane Ike hit. We decided to road trip it back to Houston with some fun stops...

Chris' Grandpa (Robert -- the one we were/are going to name our son after, Caleb Robert) does the sign for his church every week. He really takes his ministry seriously and we just love it. We were up in Odessa when Chris' Nana passed away and this was the last sign his grandpa had done. Perfect.

And this is from our honeymoon in St. Lucia.

Hope you enjoyed some of my favorite pictures. I have been really bad about taking pictures ever since Chris and I got together. I used to carry a camera in my purse and take pics all the time. But I felt like I started living behind the lens, instead of living life. So I put my camera away. Well now it's time to find a healthy balance to it all and start recording some of life too!