What do you do with your kids all day?

Is it just me?

When we have no errands or no place to be there are so many days I feel at a loss.

It's just me, Karis honestly is fine. But I feel like I need more activity ideas or something.

We have a 1 media thing a day rule (usually Veggie Tales, because she's obsessed, or Seasame street). But for the other hours of the day she's up, there are so many times I feel like we are doing the same thing all the time. Again, she's fine, I just feel like I need some variety. And I do think she would like to try some new things.  

Is it just me?

My daugther is 17 months so it's not like I want a preschool structured program or anything, but I feel like I need some new ideas. Often times I think I just don't realize what all she can do. Does that make sense?

Anyway, please feel free to share what your daily schedule looks like and/or what are some fun activities that you like to do with your toddler (whether its yours, your niece/nephew or your student or you heard of a friend of a friend of a friends kid who...).

Thanks friends!