What do you do with your time?

A few weeks ago a woman I look up to so very much said something that has been ringing in my head ever since:

"The people whose walks with Jesus that I admire most spend 
significant time with Him daily."

Those two middle words are what keep echoing over and over again:

Significant time... Significant time... Significant time...

From the moment I got out of college I've heard so many people say, when it comes to spending time with Jesus, things like: "Do the best you can...," "Every little bit counts...," "You gotta start somewhere...," "Sometimes seasons just don't allow a lot of time.." and on and on.

I'm not trying to be legalistic or judge. I promise. And I really can't wait to hear your thoughts on this (so be drumming up a comment in your head).

But truly who of us can't come up with significant time* each day... if we were willing?

*Significant time should be defined by you, not others, not a clock. 

And isn't that the catch-- being willing. If we were willing, couldn't we do more than the mini-devotionals why we sip our cup of coffee, having already forgotten what it said before we even put the cup in the sink?

I feel like because we are so afraid that people are going to give up on their time with the Lord (or quiet time or whatever you want to call it), that we want to water it down as much as possible and fluff it up as much as possible so they can still check that box and not feel guilty.

Yes, every little bit does count. Yes, you can still get a lot out of a mini-devotional over a cup of coffee. However, in an effort to encourage we can often cut ourselves short. Even thought the quiet time box is checked, we are still left unfulfilled. Is it really significant time?

Webster's Dictionary says, "Significant: 
having meaning, having influence or effect, 
probably caused by something other than mere chance."

Isn't that what we've turned our time with the Lord into-- hoping to catch something while we are on the go, "mere chance." But instead, significant time with the Lord would actually cause an effect within us. When we spend time with Him it should convict, challenge, encourage... something should happen. 

Don't get me wrong-- there are certainly seasons where significant time with the Lord is not so significant seeming. I can remember when Karis was a newborn and reading her Jesus Storybook Bible was significant time with the Lord. I can remember some days tears streaming down my face because that simple (truly watered down) Bible truth was just what I needed and, as a sleep deprived struggling to breastfeed mama, it was all I could do and just what I needed. But if I was still relying on Karis' Storybook Bible to be my daily bread, I would be stuck in a season and living off of past significance (or even worse, just faking it).

But seasons are meant to be seasons, not lifestyles. And somehow we have gotten stuck in our seasons.

So if you (or I) don't have significant time to give to the Lord right now, what are we doing with the significant amount of our time? Do you watch TV? For how long? Do you blog or read blogs? For how long? Do you Facebook? Read magazines? Craft? Read books? Workout? Shop? Clean your house like a mad woman? For how long?

We make time for certain things and when that happens we water down the parts of our life that matter most. Our relationship with the Lord. Our relationship with our spouse. Our relationships with our kids. Our relationships with our friends. We water it down because we are too busy being busy.

So what about you? 
Do you feel like you spend significant time with the Lord? If so, how have you made that a priority?
If not, why? Is there something you could give up or do less of in order to spend significant time with the Lord? What is that? Are you willing to start that now? 
If you were totally offended by this, why? What would you say in response?