What happened?

Does anyone know what happened last night? I was baffled and bored. One of those men is going to be our future president. They aren't even capable of a yes or no question. Or for that matter able to keep their answer within a one minute explanation. They couldn't even hold to the simple agreement they had made to follow the moderators instructions-- it scares me. If they can't hold to that small agreement, will they be able to keep their word for all the massive and expensive and life-changing promises they are making to America? Their word means nothing.

It seems to me that we need to just clear out D.C. and start fresh. If I heard of an independent that has some how figured out how to fire all of Washington, I would vote for them. If I could find a candidate who would actually speak their mind and have an opinion, then I would vote for them. If I could find a candidate who really wanted to change America and not just win America's vote, I would vote for him.

To prove how scared I am: Last night I woke myself and Chris up SCREAMING bloody murder. I literally had a nightmare about everything going on. Chris kept saying, "Honey, it's ok. I'm right here. What happened? It's ok." Poor guy. And my poor thoat, it's so sore today now.

It's doesn't look good "my friends" because this "change" isn't going to be much of a change.