What happens in Vegas...

Comes to the blog! Sorry for my absence but Chris and I have been living it up in Sin City. ;)

We've known for a while that Chris would be going, but a few weeks ago Chris' boss (who was also going) recommended he bring me along since he was bringing his wife too. Well we just so happened to have a Southwest Credit so my flight was free! So the only extra expense was meals (but let's be honest, if Chris was out of town, I would've been eating out anyway).

First let me just say that I don't really like Vegas. I think it's worth experiencing once, but it's just not my first pick. Ironically though I've been once a year the past 3 years. Some how it keeps drawing me back.

One thing I did a very poor job of (actually a total failure) doing was taking pictures. I didn't take a single one, so let me just list my favorite things... in no particular order:

*My BIRTHDAY! Yes I turned 28 while in Vegas Baby! It was a fantastic day to say the least. I slept in till I woke up on my own (no alarms in Vegas). I ordered room service (this was a very special treat if you know my hubs). I ventured down to the Spa-- with our room we had a $25 credit to the Spa which buys you a day pass. So I didn't get any treatments done since I just went to the Trellis two weeks ago, but I spent at least 4 hours at the Spa (Relaxation Room, hot tub (don't worry, I only got half in, no belly submerged)). Chris got off a little early that day so we went to the pool together (the pool at the MGM is the best I've ever seen at a hotel-- you are surrounded by a tropical oasis, 5 large pools, several hot tubs and they even have a lazy river!). After that we cleaned up and went to a fancy dinner. Unfortunately Karis didn't like the fancy dinner so much, so we went back to the room and rented a movie (another first for us since Chris is sickened by paying $13 for a movie you watch in your room). I felt incredibly special! I had so many voice mails (many I missed since cell service was bad), tons of texts, and heard from a cazillion Facebook friends.

*Karis' kicks AND punches can be felt from the outside!!! Chris still hasn't felt it yet, but I do. Her favorite time to be active is as soon as I have eaten something and then also, of course, right as I'm going to bed. I don't mind. Right now as soon as Chris puts his hands on my tummy she stops kicking and punching.

*The food. Ahh the food. I am still a little scared to step on the scale (still haven't gained weight this pregnancy, but pretty sure that changed while in Vegas). The Conference Chris attended had a buy one entree get one free at all the MGM restaurants. So we were able to eat at some really yummy places! I am hungry just thinking about it.

*Great get-a-way with Chris! It was so fun to just get away just the two of us. Yes we just went on the cruise and loved every minute of it. But it wasn't a get-away for us, we wanted to spend as much time with his family as possible. Even though he was gone all day, this was a great Baby Moon for us. :)

*We didn't loose a dime at the slots or tables... we didn't spend a dime either. For some people its fun, for us it just isn't. Ok, I sort of lied. For my brother we had told him we'd put $10 on the Astros game when they played the Cardinals. However, I forgot to. Surprisingly they won (good morning 'stros!), so know we are still going to give him what he would've won: $29.

*Did I mention the A.MA.ZING. food?

*Rest. I got so much rest and sleep and naps and rest! It was fantastic!

*Finished two books... blog on that coming soon!

*Our room was incredible! We stayed at the MGM Grand-- West Wing. It's a newer modern wing and we loved it! One of my favorite parts was the bathroom. They had this incredible shower that had glass walls all the way to the ceiling, so it was like a steam room. And it had two shower hoses (one that is normal rain head and a second that comes of the side of the wall). I showered at least once a day... if you know me, you are in shock.

If you want to read a really interesting story about our last trip to Vegas, read THIS BLOG: "Ike v. The Kisers."

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