What a Man!!

So I have to brag on Chris for a moment...

FYI: Some guys might find this post gross or inappropriate. I know most of you will read it out of curiousity now, but know I warned you.

On Tuesday night Chris went grocery shopping all alone. I know that's not some major feat, but it just isn't something he's done alone since we got married. He called before going and got my list. I hesitated with the last item but since there's a "friendly visitor" in town this week, it was a must: I needed feminine napkins (I'm trying to be less graphic for the curious male readers). Well, Chris didn't even pause, he said no problem. I was so proud.

Then the phone rang a little later. Poor Chris was standing on the aisle that is half full of 100s of different options. He had no clue which one to get. He said, "Which kind? Thin? Ultraline? Wings?..." Poor guy. The problem is he can't grab any one of them. Every woman has a favorite and any other option just isn't an option. Generics won't do. So I describe in detail my favorite and he found it. What a man!! Thanks honey!

It made me remember back in junior high when I'd go to the grocery store with my mom. It's like she was trying to embarass me every time. She would make me stand in the aisle and read each one to see what kind I wanted. Then she'd make me put it in the cart. I'd always try to cover it up so people wouldn't know I was shopping for that stuff. I was so weird. What's worse (or best) is that when i got home before I could put the box away my mom would make me read that little insert front and back-- every time. She wanted me to know what I was chosing to put in my body (she was against the stick and pro pad, but I insisted). Taking it to a whole 'nother level my mom would also make me read the entire sheet of paper that was stapled to my perscription for the pill (I was put on it at a young age due to some issues), so I would know what I was putting in my body. So for those of you who think I'm wierd, it's her fault. ;)