What should I write?

Since I "retire" in just 38 days, I have been dreaming more about what's next.

One thing I keep coming back to is to write something. I have a few ideas that I'll share soon. Also, I don't know if it will be a Bible study or a book. I had always thought that I would write a Bible study first since I've written a few before (like printed out from a Word document). But lately I've been having all these ideas for a book.

I love how the Lord is making this CONTROL FREAK wait on His timing and leading. Well if I'm honest, I love it and hate it. :)

So... that's where your feedback comes in:

What would you recommend for topics for a book?

This is a book that would be primarily geared for ladies 20 - 35 (but hopefully it would reach more than that) both single and married.