What Should Karis Be?

If you know me even sort of, you know one of my favorite holidays is Halloween.

I know, bad Christian. Blame it on my mom.

And if you really want to laugh and missed it last year, read about my most memorable Halloween here: "My First Fall Festival as a Hooker."

OK, back to Karis.
Let's be honest, that's why 99% check into the blog now anyway. ;)

So since I love Halloween, you know my baby girl is going to have a costume this year. I will never ever be that mom that makes her a homemade stocking. I just won't. But I will be the kind of mom that makes her first Halloween costume.

So I need your help!

What could I dress her up as that would include a tutu? (Every little baby girl looks ridiculously adorable in a tutu, and mine will not miss out on that.)

So please comment away with your ideas!