What to do: Mac or Dell?

Chris and I are planning on getting a laptop next week. Since the one we have is from my college years and weights at least 50lbs, we thought it was time to update. Since I'll be "working" primarily out of the house (this Sanguine has to be around people some how), carrying around our desktop would be embarassing. :)

So what should we do?
We are leaning towards a Mac because EVERYONE that has one swears by them. We didn't understand the phenomenon until we got iPhones. It's like you didn't know what you were missing out on until you got one.
However, we all know they are about 3 times the cost. So we want to make sure it really is worth it. When, in all actuality, we only need a Dell-- the bells and whistles aren't necessary.
So here is my question:
what do you have?
what do you recommend?