What to pack for the hospital?

For some reason I've felt like a first time mom all over again. For some reason I feel way less prepared this time around. Probably because with Karis I had so much time to read and research and ask questions and dream and plan. And now, well Karis keeps me very distracted and busy all the time.

Well today at accountability one of the girls who is due just a few days before me said that she needed to get her bag packed. Y'all, even though I've already made one trip to Labor & Delivery this pregnancy, I have TOTALLY forgotten that I might need to pack a bag or a least start working on the list.

Part of it is I know I need half of what I brought last time and part of it is knowing they really do provide all you need at the hospital and they other part is I'm a little distracted (did I mention that already? Wink.).

So help a second time mom acting like a first time mom out: 

What is a must to bring?
What is a total waste?
What is something that seems luxurious but was so fun?
Anything else?

And I'll be sure to post my packing list to help any other moms out there who need something to work off of.