What's Happening with Baby K

Except for the announcement and the morning sickness I haven’t written much about the baby lately.

There’s a reason too. I’ve been going back-and-forth about whether or not to share those moments here or to write in an actual journal. At least for now, I am going to put things here. This blog is in many ways our life scrapbook. I’m not a scrapbooker, but I hope our children, grandchildren and so on will be able to come back to this and see us from the beginning.

So here are some things I don’t want to forget:

*In Motion: Last week, January 28th, I went it for an really long ultrasound (I had the screening for Downs-- results: 1 in 10,000, we would’ve been happy either way though). Unfortunately your dad couldn’t go with me for this one, the lab only allowed one person back. The ultrasound was at 7 in the morning and lasted about 30 minutes. Oh sweet baby it was the most incredible thing to watch you move around. You look like a real baby now. You are most definitely not a morning person (just like your momma). The nurse kept saying, “This baby doesn’t like the mornings at all.” She kept pushing on my tummy to get you to move around. Every time you would spasm and then go right back to your sweet spot: right arm over your head (like you were blocking the morning light), left around by your side and legs straight up. I could see your sweet little profile and your heart thudding away. Speaking of heart, your have a very strong heartbeat indeed-- 170! As soon as I saw that I asked the nurse, “So they say if it’s a high heartbeat it’s a girl. Is that true?” She said, “Well 50% of the time it is.” Sure you are continuing to teach your momma patience all the time. I’ll have to wait till March 17th to find out whether you are a boy or a girl. Walking out of that ultrasound was the most surreal moment. Each time I see or hear you it gets more real. I always tell your dad, “Can you believe I’m pregnant?! There’s a baby in there!” Your dad is so laid back, he just looks at me and laughs and says as serious as he can, “Yes.”

*Boy or Girl: Speaking of gender... I have this gut feeling you might be a boy, but only because just about everyone else around us is convinced you are a girl. I think maybe I just like playing devil’s advocate. We really don’t have a preference either way. Well that’s not true, your dad is 51/49 girl/boy, but I know he really doesn’t care. So if the mother’s intuition theory is correct you are so a boy! But if the heartbeat and cravings theories are right than you are a girl for sure! Last week I started having cravings: Coca Cola Classic (which I haven’t had since high school-- oh to have that metabolism still), skittles (my favorite candy as a kid) or anything sweet and tart like that and chocolate. Plus my other craving has been salad, of any kind but in large quantities. Two nights ago your dad took me to Olive Garden so I could have their salad. Without shame I ate 5 bowls. On round 4 I apologized to the waitress and told her I was pregnant.

*Our Valentine: You are so loved sweet baby. I am crying now just thinking about it (something your mom does all the time now, your poor dad). I’m so glad we decided to tell people early, they’ve been able to celebrate the miracle of your life since it began. You have an aunt and uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, a cousin, great aunts and uncles and cousins, and tons and tons of adopted “aunts and uncles” (our sweet friends). We all call you Baby K for now. Except for your Papaw, he sends me emails every so often telling me how happy they are to have a(n) prune or lemon or peach as their favorite youngest great-grandchild.

*Your first kiss: Every day before your dad leaves for work he kisses me goodbye and says he loves me then he pulls back the blankets and gives you a kiss goodbye and says “I love you baby.” I just love that. Other times when we are cuddling on the couch his hand will find it’s way to my tummy, I know it’s his way of trying to show you how much he loves you already. And he does. You are going to have the most incredible daddy. He loves Jesus, he loves me and he loves you too baby. We are very blessed.

*Our song: “Healer” by Kari Jobe. I found that song this summer and it has meant so much in my life. I’ve had a disease that won’t ever take my life but just makes me sick from time to time. But because of that doctors told me I would have trouble getting pregnant, which being a mom is all I’ve wanted to be my whole life. This summer I started signing it. Anytime I’d hear it I’d put my hand on my tummy and claim that song for me... and for you. We’ll now it’s so incredible every time I hear that song. I still put my hand over my tummy where you are sweet baby and I sing the song for us... “I believe Your OUR healer, I believe You are all WE need, I believe...” And again I am in a pile of tears each time. It’s really not safe for me to drive and do this.

*The baby bump: Every time I see people it’s funny now to see their eyes greet me and then immediately check out my tummy. I know they just want to see if you’ve popped out yet. Unfortunately I come from the Smith family-- we are cursed with the “Smith Belly,” we always look pregnant regardless of our weight (I’m hoping you get your dad’s metabolism). BUT I can totally tell that you’ve popped and definitely moving up my abdomen. I’ve never had a lower tummy and now I do and it’s sticks out more than my regular tummy. I am definitely in maternity pants all the time now and wearing baggy shirts. Every morning I look in the mirror to see if it’s changed. I’m just so excited to have you in me.

*Your future teachers and babysitters: Three of our favorite people we’ve told are Ella Skaggs, and Grace and Bubba Trickett. They are over the moon excited about you! Every time I see Ella she pats my tummy. The first time she looked at my tummy she pulled back my scarf and stared for a bit and got a real confused look, “It doesn’t look like you’ve got a baby in there.” Thank you Ella. Now she runs up and pats you every time I see her. On Monday she told me, “I’m going to teach the baby to talk. I’m a good teacher... You should name the baby Sally or Rick.” We’ll see Ella girl. Grace was one of the first to know you were coming and was bursting at the seems to tell people. She was so good at keeping you a secret at first. Her and Bubba came over the other week after we heard your heartbeat and decorated our driveway to celebrate. The also have great plans to teach you to talk and walk.

Love you baby, a lot a lot.