What's Next for the Kisers?

On this post about Radical, I said that after reading this book we had made a big change in our life.
No, it's not a baby. If you even thought that could be it, shame on you. We are quite content with our one little baby for now. And have NO plans of adding to our family any time soon.

So on to the real news...

Most of you know our house is for sale. (If you didn't know, check out this blog for details and pictures.) Most of you also know our plan (and dream since we met) was to move out to Katy (particularly Cinco Ranch). Everything seemed to be pointing that way and I was scouting out HAR daily.

Then it all changed.
Don't you love (and hate) it when that happens?

Radical isn't a book that necessarily said anything new.
I knew it already. You will too.
What is says, it says out loud.
We had been ignoring for years this message.
Without meaning to, we had drowned out that voice.

It called us out. A rebuke not so gentle, but much needed.
The call away from the American Dream and
the call into living life with intention.

Our life had slipped away from us without us even realizing what had happened. In college both of us dreamed of a purpose to our life that was greater than what we found ourselves in.

This is where I need to assure you that there is nothing inherently wrong with how we were living. And I'm in no way saying this about the way you are living. This is just the journey and message the Lord wanted to speak to us and we needed to listen.

We had gotten stuck. Stuck in the dream.
House, check. Marriage, check. Baby, check. Cars, check. Savings, check. Vacations, check.
You name it, we were checking the box.

But what was missing was depth. Our life had lost focus. Our calling to Love God and Love Others (Mark 12:29-21) had slipped away from us.

So we prayed and we waited.
And an option presented itself.
We prayed and waited some more.
We sought counsel. We were told this sounded foolish by almost everyone.
We prayed and waited some more.
We moved forward and have now committed.

So what's next?

Well as soon as our house sells we will be joining CARES Team Program with Apartment Life Ministries.

If you don't know what that is, here is my explanation: Basically this means we will move into an apartment complex (TBD) and we will serve as their community builders (plan events, welcome visits, etc.). It's an excuse to share life with others. To love on others in a way that we wouldn't have had the option to before. Chris is still able to work full-time as Team Lead with ExxonMobil. I am still able to stay at home with Karis and continue with the women's ministry things I am a part of. This is breaking us out of our comfort zone. And it has shattered our 5 year plan. And we couldn't be more excited about it.

You can find our more information about Apartment Life Ministries HERE and more specifically what is means to be a CARES Team HERE. And of course you can ask an questions any time!

We know this isn't as "big" as moving oversees to pursue missions or something crazy like that. But if there is one thing I learned from Radical, is that we don't have to move across the world to live with intention... we can and should do it right here, right now.

One more thing (to this novel I've now typed),
please be praying for our house to sell.

We have had several showings and even one offer (didn't go through). Pray for us to have wisdom and to trust God with our finances when offers come through. We can't move forward with Apartment Life until our house sells. We are officially approved with them and as soon as the house sells we can start!

So thankful for the support of you, our blog family. We love you all!