"Who did your orthodontics?"

Yesterday I had my first dentist appointment since I got pregnant.

You might be thinking what would being pregnant have to do with it? Well, if you know me at all, you know that I am slightly obsessed with dental hygiene. I brush my teeth at least twice a day. I used to carry a toothbrush and paste in my purse (but then I heard there is such a thing as over brushing). I floss at least twice a week, usually every other day. And I Listerine daily.

Well since I was so nauseous and actually getting sick all the way to 22 weeks pregnant, all the dental care took a back seat. Not that I didn't brush or anything, but it wasn't my normal thorough routine. I have always had a sensitive gag reflex when I brush the roof of my mouth and tongue. So that plus the nausea added for my head hanging over the toilet too many times.

But, the appointment went great! No problems.

And to top it all off, at the end the dentist asked me: "Who did your orthodontics? They did a really great job!"

It's funny because I've never had braces, my mom has freakishly straight teeth too, and I got the majority of her genes I think.

But I can remember a phase I went through from 4th - 8th grade: The I-have-to-have-braces-right-now phase. Anybody else out there weird like me?

All of my friends had them. I would even take a paper clip and make a fake retainer out of it just to see what it felt like. I was so jealous that all my friends could accessorize their mouth with the holidays. I felt so left out.

So I begged and I begged my mom to please let me go to the Orthodontist because I just knew I needed braces.

We went to at least 3 different Orthodontists. All 3 refused to see me.

The last one even sat me down and said he could easily put them on my teeth and take our money. But he thought they'd do more harm than good and make my teeth start to shift. So in good conscious, it just wasn't an option.

So thanks Mom for not letting me ever get braces. While my teeth might be the size of a 5 year old's, they are straight and I was crazy to think I needed braces all those years.