Why do you go (or not go) to church?

I've noticed that a trend in Christian culture is to not go to church. That in our freedom in Christ it isn't necessary. It's good for some, but not required. They experience church at a local coffee shop, on a hike, etc. But I also see on the other side of the pendulum is a group of Christians that don't miss a Sunday because that would be a sin in their eyes (or close to it).

So what is the answer?

There have been several Sundays when, for whatever reason, I just didn't want to go. When I was working at a church, sometimes it is hard to separate Monday through Friday from Sunday.
Chris comes from a back ground where his response to me is always: "We go to church. That's what we do." Thankfully he isn't one of those people that just go to church to go. He isn't about checking a box. He knows why "we go to church."

And I should note that those Sundays I never was motivated to go have always been the Sundays when there was a message I needed to hear-- either from worship, the Pastor or a friend. Without fail that has been true. I'm glad that I have the man I do!

But I wonder if most people that go to church know why they go.

Do they go to check a box?
Do they go for community?
Do they go to dress up?
Do they go because it's what they've always done?
Do they go to worship?

I'd love to hear back from you...

What are your reasons for going to church.
OR if you don't go to church, what are your reasons for not going?

Also, I hear a lot of people say that the Bible tells us to. If it does, where is that scripture?