Why I'm Going Facebook Live

I didn't want to do it because we do NOT need another social media channel.

So I avoided filming videos and uploading them to YouTube and then to a website or sharing it other places. Who has time for that? Then I avoided Periscope too. I really wanted to jump on that wagon but I just couldn't do one more social media thing. Then Facebook started Facebook Live and I have been trying to find reasons not to do it, ignoring the encouragement of many friends. 

I'm a believer in Jim Elliot's quote: "Wherever you are, be all there." While he wasn't referencing social media, but actual people in an actual community, I still think it applies... and it happens to be a major motivator for going Facebook Live

I am not a part of a church that has tons of women's classes on Sundays or during the week. This was an adjustment for me as I've always had a place were I could teach. I'm grateful for this shift-- it's created space for God to move and grow our family and me personally. Sacred Holidays wouldn't be in existence had this space not been created. Our family wouldn't be where we are, both literally and figuratively, if this space hadn't been created. However, I've grieved not being able to teach and speak as frequently. 

I've struggled with why I felt sad about this. Could it be vanity? Am I not content with where God has me? I don't think that's the issue. 

This morning was a big breakthrough. As I've been reading through the Prophets, I've realized they had a message that they HAD to speak.

Do you relate to that? Is there something you just HAVE to do? You may not even know what IT is yet, but you know there is something. 

For me that thing is teaching. It comes in various forms-- sharing on Instagram something I learned or saw that day, writing a blog post when I have something that I just have to write out, and then, occasionally, speaking in person at events and women's prisons. There are so many times I'm reading in God's Word and I think, oh I have to share it! The back of my journal is filled with blog posts that have never been written. My inbox is filled with reminders to write about things God has showed me (anyone else use their Inbox as their running To Do list?). Occasionally, I'll share on Instagram and Facebook if I can condense the message, but the best ones are in draft form. Blogging takes time, the good posts anyway. Even then, just words can't quite convey what a face-to-face message could. 

Anyway, I used to feel guilty when the Lord spoke something to me and I wanted to share it with others. I used to think it was some hidden vanity or pride. I knew it wasn't but I thought maybe it was deep down. So I always hesitate to share the things I learn from the Lord or others. I keep silent for fear that I should be content to just be private with the Lord. 

Until today. FREEDOM

For the first time I realized, maybe I have this constant urging to share, not because I'm prideful, but because I am a teacher. I knew I was a teacher, but I never equated this need to share with being a teacher. I never share to impress (anyone that follows me knows that since the majority of what I'm sharing is my failures, ha!). I share because I can't believe what I've read or learned and want so much for someone else to know too! 

So that's why I am going live. 

Jim Elliott encouraged us to be "all there" "wherever" we are and the truth is our society is online, specifically Facebook and Instagram for my people. So I want to be there more fully with you. I want to be able to engage and interact more with you. 

I would love for you to join in on my very first Facebook Live event at 9pm CST. 

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If you miss tonight's Facebook Live event, you can still go back and watch it and comment after it happens. I will stay active in the comments even after the session is over.