Worst Gift EVER

Chris and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary in less than a month! So I looked online the other day to see what the traditional gift is for that year.

I was horrified. I mean horrified when I saw what it was. Any guesses?


Are you kidding me?

For those that don't really know me this might be one of my greatest fears in all of life (well after this past Sunday I'm also afraid of Boa Constrictors).

I don't know what it is about cotton but it totally gives me the hibie-gibbies! The texture, the way it makes that stretchy noise when you pull on it. Ahhhh. And why does EVERY medicine and supplement bottle have to stuff it with cotton? I feel like a child when my husband has to open my medicine for me.

So honey, if you are reading this, the only cotton gift that would be acceptable would be Egyptian Cotton Sheets. But know I think that too is ridiculous and not part of the Ramsey Method. :)

So a final note to all loved ones: If you are hearing this information for the first time and think it would be really funny to chase me around with cotton or maybe hide it some where or anything like that... know that it's been done. And if you think you might be able to do it better, know that I am not one to be tested. When it comes to pranks I always go too far. I will cross the line and you will be sad you ever started.

Comment: So now that I've been vulnerable, it's your turn-- What is the one thing that gives you the hibie-gibbies?