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A couple of questions I've heard that needed to be answered:

I'm not twenty-something, can I still go?
This is geared for women in their 20s is all that means. If you are in your late teens (college) or 30s, you will still get a lot out of this. All the "twenty-something" means is that this is geared to that age group and life styles. This differs from many other women's events that are geared towards all ages so the average target is in their 40s.

I can't go (out of town or I'm not in the target age), can I still enter to win?
Absolutely! What a great gift you can give to some friends.

I can't go to the retreat but I'd love to be a part of this some how.
No worries my friend! There is an even great announcement coming for this spring! Stay tuned.

I don't go to First Baptist, can I still attend?
Yes! Even though Houston's First is hosting this and helping sponsor it, it is open to every one, from every denomination.

I live out of town, can I still attend?
Yes! If you need recommendations of places to stay, shoot me an email (

$15 is more than I can afford right now. Are there scholarships?
We would never want money to keep anyone from coming. Email me and we can figure something out.

Is there childcare?
There is not official childcare for this. Since it only lasts for 5 hours on Saturday we figured it wasn't necessary. But if you can't find a family member or friend to watch your kids, contact me and I can send you some names for sitters.

If you have any other questions feel free to comment here and I'll answer them.