Young Men's Christian Association

I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger. As I've mentioned in previous posts there is SO MUCH going on right now. All really good, but all really time and emotionally/spiritually consuming.

But yesterday I was listening to a local radio station and they had someone from the Y.M.C.A. giving some tips and it made me remember a really funny story about the Y.M.C.A....

In 2004 Karley and I lived in downtown Fort Worth doing Apartment Life. We loved the location! Fort Worth has the feel of a small town, but a really fun (and surprisingly, trendy) downtown. So we'd often walk through downtown to do various things.

Well one day I said the ultimate blond statement. Seriously I have never been so blond.

We passed this old building and it had a sign: "Young Men's Christian Association."

Thrilled beyond belief I started screaming with joy.

I immediately turn to Kar and said, "We have got to hang out here more!" (Kar is giving me a funny look. I assume she's just uncertain, so I decide to convince her more) "Think how great it would be. We could just hang out here and then we could meet young Christian men!"

She is now dying laughing. I'm totally confused as to why she isn't awarding me with a trophy for best idea ever. Not to mention my sleuth detective skills in seeing the plaque on the wall about the association.

She turns to me and barely can get it out through, now tears and, laughter: "Becky, you do realize that is the Y.M.C.A.?!"

Totally shocked and majorly disappointed I confess that I (obviously) had not a clue. And then joined her in laughter.

Fess up: Do you have a "blond moment"you'd like to share?