Your House = Your Heart

Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment with the allergist (insert deep sigh here and ability to breathe again) and went home afterwards. I got home around 4:00… just in time for Oprah.

They had an incredibly interesting show on how the state of your house (typically) reflects your heart (or how you are as a person).

One of the women featured on the show was a major clutterbug. You could barely walk through her house. She had piles of things every where. The bookshelves were overflowing. Every table, nightstand, chair, etc. was full of stuff. Her kid’s rooms were a disaster. Her bedroom (and she’s married) literally looked like a tornado had just blown through. Her kitchen was piled high with junk.

Well, Oprah brought in a clutter expert (you can be just about anything these days) to help this woman. His philosophy: how you treat your house is probably the same way you treat or look at your self and life.

He proved his point. This woman was holding on to the things of the past wishing that life was still true. Also, she kept buying things in hopes that she would become that woman. Example: kitchen supplies hoping to be the kind of mom that cooks all the meals. The problem was every time she walked into her kitchen she couldn’t handle the mess so they would end up getting fast food. The family was over weight. The bedroom was no longer a place of intimacy but a place of chaos. Their marriage was now a reflection of what their bedroom looked like.

I realized this guy is right on. Let me prove it…

I don’t like to be fake (almost to a fault), so I usually vacuum after people leave because I don’t want them to think I was trying to impress them when they see the lines in the carpet. I am the same way with making the bed. Even though I like things clean and want things to look nice, I will let my closet (now guest room/dressing room) be a wreck for a week and just close the door so I don’t have to deal with it. I do that with problems in life a lot too.

What about you, is your home a reflection of who you are?

Are you so concerned with what people think of you that you must have the house perfect before people come over in fear that they might think you don’t have it all together but really you have that one closet that is piled high in clutter?

Or are you controlling and have unrealistically high expectations that you are constantly cleaning and never get to live life?

Or are you an absolute mess and you feel like your life is out of control?

Maybe their wrong, but it is interesting to think about.