Hi! I'm so glad you came by this page and I'm SO excited for you-- planning an event that ministers to women is so much fun (and SO much work). It would be SUCH an honor to partner up with you to minister to the ladies in your church or group.

Speaking at events is one of my favorite parts of what I do because it allows me to see the body at work in different places and working in different ways, and it is so very beautiful. You are doing all the hard work-- the planning, prepping, and nurturing women long before they show up at the event. Then we wait and we watch God work through all of those efforts, and we get to see it face-to-face. Women walk in hurting, tired, unsure, doubting and from the front of the room it is a miracle watching Jesus change their hearts. It's beautiful how He does it every single time. When His Word is opened, His truth spoken, our stories shared, lots of "me toos" confessed, and the Spirit breaks in and moves. Freedom. The whole reason for the event-- that women would connect more with one another and with Jesus. It always happens. I'm excited for you and your ladies. 


Jan 6 | Generation One Team Training (Private) (Houston, TX)

Mar 3-4 | Texas A&M Sigma Phi Lambda Retreat (Private) (College Station, TX)

Apr 22-30 | His Voice Global (Private) (Mahi Mahu, Kenya)

May 21 | Church Project - Women's Discipleship Training (Private) (The Woodlands, TX)

Aug 5 | Waiting in Hope (Infertility) Conference (The Woodlands, TX)

Sept 21 | Women's Night with Hope Church (Houston, TX)

Sept 29 - Oct 1 | Women's Retreat with First Baptist Crosby (Round Top, TX)

Oct 19-22 | Asymmetrical Leader Retreat (Fort Jones, CA)

Nov 26 | Christmas Delight Night with Calvary Community Church (Houston, TX)



Apr 13 - 14 | Sparrow Conference (Dallas, TX) 



Storycast Podcast (listen here, recorded Mar 2017)

Happy Hour Podcast (listen here, recorded Nov 2016)

Social Media Church Podcast (listen here, recorded Aug 2016)



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If you don't have a specific date yet, do you know the general time of year?
(I know this is always the most awkward part for all of us. So I thought we'd get it out of the way now. Read my FAQs for more details on my speaking fees.)
Will your group cover costs for travel? *
Becky lives in The Woodlands, TX (just north of Houston, near Bush (IAH) Airport. She is willing to drive up to 3 hours with mileage reimbursed, anything past that will need flights covered. If the event requires overnight stay, then hotel and food will need to be arranged as well.




This is always the hardest question for ministries to ask, so I always like to answer it first. (Grin.) I'm flexible with speaker fees. I didn't get into ministry to get rich but I always appreciate whatever my groups are able to give because I do put in a lot of work to each message. I know, after working at several churches and being a part of several ministries, that every budget is different. So I am flexible. I am happy to give a suggested range if needed, but consider the pressure off. Give what you can, then focus the rest of your time and resources on the women and the event.

The only thing I do require is that any travel outside of the Houston area is completely covered. In addition, I often like to bring a guest with me if there is space for them at your event. Other than those two costs, the speaker fees will be be whatever works with your budget. 



I can work with a theme that has already been decided, help the event leaders with coming up with a theme, or I can seek the Lord and see where He leads. I never repeat messages and speak from where God is moving in my life at the moment. The only exception to this is during the holidays because I'm often asked to speak about making the most of the holidays due to my work with Sacred Holidays, so those messages are all very similar. 

My speaking style is adjusted based off of the size of the group, but I try to be very casual and conversational. I speak very similar to how I write. You can read some of my most recent blog posts to get a sample of how I process things out. I share a lot of "me too," letting women know that I am right there with them with their struggles, joys, fears, hopes and dreams. Always weaved into any message is that God is enough and able, He is worthy of our pursuit, He wants to use us, and there is great joy and freedom in Him. 

I consider myself apart of your event team. I am not there just to give a message (or a few messages for bigger events) but to partner with you in ministering to the women that come. I am available the whole time to help you with the event and further connect with the women that have come. 



I am willing to travel anywhere in the United States. I will drive up to three hours from Houston, Texas, further than that and flights will need to be provided. At this time, with three little girls at home, I limit my travel to one travel speaking engagement every four weeks (I'll do more local events if it works for our family calendar). In addition, as I said in the fees section, all travel must be covered for myself and one companion (if applicable). 



I believe in Jesus and aim to follow Him. I know there are one million variations of that answer these days. The most specific way I can answer is to direct you to the Core Beliefs for our church, Church Project (The Woodlands, Texas). I wouldn't say I align with a certain denomination. I was raised Methodist and atheist (my parents are divorced), after that I've attended Baptist, Bible, and Non-Denominational churches. I consider myself a spiritual mut. However, as I said before, I just don't care too much about denomination allegiance. We are all a part of the church, all following Jesus together. Our expressions of that pursuit differ from time to time, but the core of who we are is the same. 



Of course! In fact, I LOVE getting to share my friends and favorite speakers with you! If I'm not available or if I'm not the right match for your particular event, I'd still love to help you find the best speaker for your ladies. There are so many wildly gifted women and I know several personally and am happy to pass along their information to you. 


Becky’s greatest aim in life is that her life would make a significant impact on her world for the name of Christ. She hopes women would find confidence in following Jesus, studying His Word and living out what He has said.

She often speaks at women's events and prisons-- encouraging both groups of women to love God and others. She is the Founder and CEO of Sacred Holidays, a ministry dedicated to connect the heart of women to the heart of God during peak seasons of women's lives (the holidays they celebrate). She is a certified Myers-Briggs Personal and Executive Coach with Orbiting Normal, helping women and businesses achieve their goals quicker. She is addicted to ice tea and nail polish, loves Texas summers, and usually is reading 3 books at the same time (although it's a lot of picture books these days).

She lives in the Woodlands, Texas with her husband, Chris, and their three daughters: Karis, Moriah, and Chandler. They are a part of Church Project and aim to live out Jesus' instruction to love God and others.