I want to give you a unique advertising partnership. I know that blog advertising can be a total waste of money or it can launch your business quicker than you imagined. The tricky part with blog advertising is getting noticed. About half of readers view blogs on their phone, so the sidebar square ad will rarely get noticed-- rendering it a waste of time for the advertiser and a missed opportunity for the readers.

I want to change that-- both for you and my readers! I think we can do this differently. Sound good to you?

Together we will create brand recognition (side-bar ad and mentions) + brand love (giveaways and promo codes) + brand education (editorial pieces) = So you can find new clients and increase your sales! And we can do all this without feeling sales-y (because I love my readers and don't want to annoy them with advertisers).



Square Image on Right Side Bar

Giveaway + (Optional) Promo Code for All Readers

Editorial Guest Post

Social Media Image Share with Tags (Facebook and/or Instagram)

Facebook Live Sponsorship



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Do you have a one month package available? No. The reason for this is simple: I don't want you to waste your money. If there is one thing I've learned in my background in marketing and as I've done research for my personal brand and ministry, it's that repeat exposure is needed to convert customers (the number differs per product and brand). I don't want you to just peak my readers interest and then disappear. I've personally spent money on one month advertising and seen it totally wasted. I will not do that to my advertisers. This is also why I will not just do an image ad for less money.

Do you accept everyone that inquires? No. It must be a product or business that my readers would be interested in. Also, the business must be something I could personally endorse since this my personal blog. If it's not something I'd recommend to my best friend, then I will not approve the advertiser. 

Do you design the image or does the advertiser? Either. If I will be designing the image then there would be a small fee added to the invoice. 

What does the giveaway need to be? Something that you sell or a service you offer. We will work together to put together the right giveaway for your business and my readers. If you are a small business owner with a small budget (or no budget) then we can work to be creative on this. I am very creative when it comes to marketing and will work with you. Here's the deal, the better the giveaway (not necessarily the most expensive) the more that will enter. When my readers enter a giveaway they will have to go to your website + social media pages to earn "raffle tickets" for the giveaway. 

Do I have to provide a promo code to the entire site? Nope, that's totally optional. However, if you are able to do this, I highly recommend it! Again, we will work together to make this the right promo code for your business. 

What is an Editorial Guest Post? It is awesome and the way you are going to really get your brand recognized by my readers! While your square image is pretty, side columns aren't looked at by every reader on blogs, especially phone readers. What they do read are the blog posts. Now I have zero interest in spamming my readers, so we will not be doing anything advertiser-y. If I've approved you to be an advertiser then I truly believe that you have something unique to offer! Some ideas for this would be if you have a boutique with home decor, you could write an editorial piece on "How to Make an Awesome Feature Wall." Of course that post will link back to your site and the images will feature your products. However the blog post is editorial in that my readers will learn something regardless if they purchase your products. Again, I will work with you to come up with the best idea for your business and my readers. Also, I am available to write the blog post for you for an additional fee. 

What will you share on social media? I will share some image featuring your business. This is an image that we will agree on together and will include links/tags back to your business. This image will never be deleted, even after your 3 month advertising partnership has ended. I will share on my personal accounts: InstagramFacebook, and Twitter

What kind of access will I get to Becky to discuss my advertising package? Unlimited Email + One Phone Consult with Becky. Once we know you would like to do the advertising spot, I am happy to hop on a call with you so we can map out the advertising partnership (this isn't necessary if you aren't a phone person). After that you will have unlimited access to Becky via email. If you need to schedule an additional phone consult, I am happy to do that if needed. 

Can I change my image during three month partnership? Yes. Each month you can make one change to your image. 


I haven't done an official survey to determine this yet. However based off of interaction on social media, stats, and messaging, I have a pretty good guess of who would read this blog. I can't tell you about each reader but I'll introduce you to a few that summarize the whole (note: these are fictional characters): 

Meet Stephanie. She is a follower of Jesus, wife to David, mom of 2 kids and coffee drinker. She stays home with her kids and works a business on the side because she has big dreams even though her biggest dream is to raise those 2 kids to become awesome adults. She is tired but not too tired to watch The Voice or meet up with some girl friends for an after-kids-are-tucked-in Happy Hour. She still loves her man but longs to connect with him like they did before they had kids. Her house is a mess most of the time but that doesn't keep her from decorating it, looking a little closer to her Pinterest board each month. She loves Instagram and can text faster than a teenage girl can talk. She doesn't take herself too seriously, because she is still in yoga pants with her hair in a messy, dry-shampooed bun and not really sure if she brushed her teeth that day. She is smart-- she has degrees to prove it and could carry a grown up conversation with the best of them. She really wants her life to honor Jesus. She desires to spend time with Him each day and follow Him throughout her day-- loving God and loving His people. This is a struggle most days but a constant aim. She comes to this blog to hear "me too" and be challenged to live a little more purposeful each day. 

Meet Olivia. She just graduated from college and is still wondering what she will be when she grows up. She is learning to deal with grown up things-- bills, 9 to 5 schedule, making new community, working her way up the corporate ladder. She has big ideas and bigger dreams, yet feels stuck already and behind and she just got started. She is so cute, but she doesn't know it. She gathers each week to watch the Bachelor with her friends and knows all the Instagram filter hacks and hashtag tricks. She longs for it all-- the career, the man, the family, friends, adventure, and health. She is going for it too, and I'm so proud of her for it. She comes here to find grace when she realizes that "doing it all" isn't possible. She comes here to hear some tips from someone just a little older than her, she always wanted a big sister and I like to pretend I'm hers. She isn't a Christian but is open to spiritual things. She's been burned by the church, judged by Christians and heard it from her parents about how she should go to church on Sunday. She believes there is a God; she just isn't sure what His name is yet. 

If Stephanie and Olivia sound like women who would use your product or business, then contact me so we can get your advertising partnership started!

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