Hi! I'm so glad you came by this page and I'm SO excited for you-- planning an event that ministers to women is so much fun (and SO much work). It would be SUCH an honor to partner up with you to minister to the ladies in your church or group.

Speaking at events is one of my favorite parts of what I do because it allows me to see the body at work in different places and working in different ways, and it is so very beautiful. You are doing all the hard work-- the planning, prepping, and nurturing women long before they show up at the event. Then we wait and we watch God work through all of those efforts, and we get to see it face-to-face. Women walk in hurting, tired, unsure, doubting and from the front of the room it is a miracle watching Jesus change their hearts. It's beautiful how He does it every single time. When His Word is opened, His truth spoken, our stories shared, lots of "me toos" confessed, and the Spirit breaks in and moves. Freedom. The whole reason for the event-- that women would connect more with one another and with Jesus. It always happens. I'm excited for you and your ladies. 




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(I know this is always the most awkward part for all of us. So I thought we'd get it out of the way now. Read my FAQs for more details on my speaking fees.)
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Becky lives in The Woodlands, TX (just north of Houston, near Bush (IAH) Airport. She is willing to drive up to 3 hours with mileage reimbursed, anything past that will need flights covered. If the event requires overnight stay, then hotel and food will need to be arranged as well.